Firesides are informal gatherings intended for individuals who are interested in getting a deeper understanding of the Baha'i Faith and its teachings.

Bahá'ís believe that all religions are one and come from one place—God, and that religion should bring people together in harmony rather than drive them apart. There is still hope for humanity—hope that one day, we will look at each other with friendly faces and respect and love one another as neighbors who all inhabit and share one world.

Bahá'ís work for peace, justice, equality, racial unity, and environmental sustainability—all based on addressing the underlying, spiritual causes of such inequities. The new, optimistic model which the Baha'i teachings offer the world takes a fresh approach to problem-solving, tapping into the deep well of human concern for others with a thoughtful, integrated, and comprehensive spiritual energy.

Firesides in Santa Barbara are scheduled on the second Sunday of the month at 2:00 PM. Contact us today to attend a fireside.